Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Post, first Since AUGUST?

I admit I have been watching Facebook and occasionally posting over there. A friend of mine has taken the position that there's no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats, and another one posted that we need to turn out ALL the incumbents and start all over again with new people in office. Yet a third person over at Facebook posted this:

Say what you want the democratic party is leading this country down the path of Socialism with a slow curve to communism. With just fifty percent of americans paying taxes the programs this administration is shoving down our throats is unsustainable. Take a look at the chaos thats reaking havoc in Europe. Socialism at its best. The American people are not as stupid as this administration thinks. This country was founded on freedoms that thousands gave their lives protecting. I am more than willing to give my life defending my freedom and the freedom of my family."

I replied that there are differences between the political parties, and that although we are often disappointed with the Dems, we need to encourage and vote for progressive Democrats and try to move the Democratic party more in the direction of Franklin D. Roosevelt's vision for America during the Great Depression of the 1930s. I also offered the opinion that most Republicans are misinformed and mean spirited. So the same person who posted the diatribe about Democrats leading the country down the path of socialism posted this:

Hey what do i know im just a misinformed and mean-spirited american citizen, the progressives know whats best for me and the rest of the country, just ask them, chairman mao explains it all in his little red book."

Which kind of proved my original point -- about Republicans being misinformed and mean-spirited. I would never want to waste my time sitting down with a beer and conversation with this guy.