Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is a letter to my sister, who said she was angry about the way things are going in the country. I am not one hundred percent sure which side of angry she is on. She is a North Carolina Christian. I kind of suspect she may not be coming from my perspective, but we'll see.

Elizabeth, You are absolutely right, little sister. I'm angry along with you and a lot of other people.

I listened to Obama's speech this morning and discovered once again, HE JUST DOESN'T GET IT. He doesn't get that these Ku Klux Republican corporatist rat bastards have only one thing in mind, and that is to destroy his presidency. Just that one thing. Nothing to help end the Depression. Nothing about jobs.

And Obama, ignoring the birthers and the death panel lies and Mitch McConnell saying his number one goal is to STOP OBAMA, and Obama, like a fool, says he wants to compromise, and work with these people, sit down with Boehner and McConnell and the rest of these clowns and NEGOTIATE! AAAAAAAAAARRARRRRRRGGGGG!

Yeah, he'll negotiate the privatization of Social Security and deregulation of Wall Street and sending more jobs to China and bashing the unions, and all that country club Republican crap.

I didn't put in my time serving my country in the military to see a lot of old white fascists working for the richest people in the country, and predatory corporations sending jobs overseas. Republicans have no respect for the military or veterans. Bush proved that.

But, come on angry or not, I'm sure we are all looking forward to having an orange-colored Speaker of the House. That has got to be funny. And that thug from Kentucky, Rand Paul, who'd like to repeal the 1964 Civil Rights Act. All the goofy Tea Partiers now in the Congress. Now that's entertainment.

You are right. it's infuriating but I think it's funny at the same time.. (I know, I have a twisted sense of humor.)The funny part is crazy stuff like Republicans defending a major tax break for rich people while at the same time they say they want to CUT THE DEFICIT. It will be funny just seeing them trying to justify that.

Ya gotta laugh or you'd just have to sit down and cry. And it's healthy to laugh at the antics these idiots are sure to produce.